Sign, Send and Manage Electronic Documents

Platform Update 3 is live

We have switched to numbers for big releases. PU3 (Platform Update 3) is now live with the following new features :

- action log for administrators.

- lots of stability and improvements to the viewer application.

- added the ability to manage multiple api tokens for each user. Each integration is meant to have its own token.

- added support for form fields with duplicated ids.

- added support for automatic textbox form filling with multiple ids.

- added support for SMS authentication for signers (for premium and custom accounts).

- added support for recipient file attachments.

- more languages added : Greek, Romanian, Swedish.

- more APIs added. Please see the documentation

- lots of other small improvements to make things faster/better.

New update

The newest update is now live. The big feature is the visual customization for the signing application.

From now on the client organization (with the correct license) can set the logo and this will be displayed in the signature disclosure page for all signers.

Here is a example :


OneDrive integration

New update to #Bulksign that adds integration with @onedrive . Import your documents from #OneDrive and sign them with #Bulksign

Launching Bulksign

The Bulksign team is happy to announce today the release of Bulksign , a electronic signature / digital transaction management platform whose aim is to provide anyone with a simple and efficient way to sign, manage and send documents for other people to sign. Here are some of the features :

- support for 2 different workflows for signing documents : sequential and bulk.
Sequential mode means multiple signers sign the same document in a predefined order while bulk means multiple signers sign copies of the same document.

- support for bundles : grouping multiple pdf documents into a single "entity" (called bundle) that is sent for signing.

- support for templates and the ability to share templates among multiple members of the same organization.

- forever free account. This allows anyone to send 3 bundles per month.

- set official signature that is used afterwards to sign all your documents.

- automatic conversion of MS Office documents to pdf.

- import files directly from cloud storage providers : Dropbox and Box.

- comprehensible API (support for both SOAP and REST)