Sign, Send and Manage Electronic Documents

Version 3.2 is out

Release notes for 3.2 :

- we have added the possibility for integrators to send custom data with SendBundle and retrieve it with GetBundleDetails. The new api field that enabled this is called "Metadata".  If you are using our .NET SDK for integration please make sure you update to version 1.5

-  for easier integration purposes we have added the posibility (for on premise version) to ignore certificate errors for HTTPS connections. This can be enabled for each HTTP callback setting like this :

    "BundleStatusChangedNotificationType.HttpBundleStatusNotification.IgnoreHttpsCertificateError": "true"

-  new api that allows adding a new user with full account details. The api is called AddUserToOrganization

- added the possibility to replace recipients in sent bundles.  

Bulksign 3.1 is released

Release notes for version 3.1 :


- added new field in users account called "Job Title" which can be used as a signature overlay field.

- revamped and extended  the signature overlay settings. We have added new options for generating the signature overaly and also a preview directly in the settings page.

- the length of the generated OTP value is now configurable (defaults to 5 chars).

- new signing option that allows toggling the right to download the signed file for recipients.


- new design for main Documents and Templates area.

- performance improvments for loading the main page.

- added session caching for signer image (only for scenario in which signer do not have a predefined signature image).



Bulksign 3.0 is now out

The OnPremise version of Bulksign was the main focus for this release. We have lots of improvments and tweaks specifically for that version. Also is freely available for download and evaluation.

Here is the changelog with new features :

- added support for text annotations (UI and API)

- added provider model to load the signing certificate. We ship with 2 providers , which allow the certificate to be loaded from filesystems or Windows Certificate Store.

- singing app shows the document pages aligned the same way as in signing mode.

- added new global settings to allow specifying the HTTP request timeouts (setting name is HttpRequestCommandTimeout)

- added new option that allows disabling the browser geolocation request.

- added option to import and export customizations for the signing app.

- allow checkbox and radio button groups to be marked as required.

- added option to configure email sender appereance from configuration.

- added option to always ask user for confirmation when clicking the signature field.

- added option to allow/disallow access to signed document after it was finished.

- added possibility to remove a recipient from a sent bundle (API usecase, UI support already implemented).

OnPremise specific updates

- new, simpler installer based on Powershell.

- added support for multitenancy, you can now create multiple organizations in Bulksign

- added option to overwrite text translations for any language

- added possibility to configure support for any language, not limited to built-in languages anymore.

- if UI customization is enabled, that customization will be used in both dashboard and signing application.

- added full support for importing or synchronizing users from Active Directory with LDAP.


The versioning scheme is also tweaked, this is released as version 3.0 and we will continue from here.


Platform Update 12 is out

Changelog :

- We have addedd support for adding text annotations to the document directly from BulksignUI.

- New api GetBundleStatus that returns the status of a bundle. Use this for polling when the callbacks cannot be used.

- Updated api models to include new fields with formatted DateTime results.

- On-premise version has a new settings that allows redirects to custom urls when the user logs out.

- Performance improvments whend sendinging documents for signing.

- QOL improvments to the visual customization.

- The new Signing SDK is now available in beta. 

- New documentation center available at https://bulksign.com/docs


New update is out (platform update 11)

A new platform update is out , here are the most important changes :

- We have added support for sender introduction page in the signing application. This is optional and can be enabled in the Signing Settings area. If enabled with show the bundle sender details to signer (sender name, picture, email, phone number and the list of signers who previously signed the document). Here is how it looks.

- Our REST api is now compatible with OpenAPI 3 specs and we have better documentation and specifications for it

- Documents list now has a new filter called Signed in which you can find all documents signed by you in the past.

- New APIs : GetBundlesToSign and SendBundleFromTemplate.

- Usage report page now the possibility to export a detailed usage report in CSV format.


Platform Update 9 is out

We've pushed PU9 update out last week.  Change log for major features :

- big speed imprvoments when sending a bundle using the API (form out tests sending any bundle now should be around 25%  faster).

- we have added support for selective document access for recipients part of the same bundle  (first recipient can have access to the first 2 documents of the bundle, while second recipients sees only documents 2 and 3 ).  Sample API available here

- we have added support for overwriting pdf form field values for specific integrations.  Sample available here

Platform Update 8 is out

Last week we pushed out PU8.  Along with the usual bug fixes and QOL improvements  we also shipped the signature overlay feature. Is enabled for everyone and all options are available in the "Signing" area of the settings. Also the docs for this.

Here's a example of overlay with custom date format and signer name :


Platform Update 7 is now out

Changelog :


- Recipient signing delegation : if the document sender allows it, recipient can now delegate signing to another person.


- new api that allows retrieving the values of all form fields filled by signers.

- DeleteBundle is now available  (GDPR related functionality).

- InviteUserToOrganization api added to simplify  adding new users.

 The .NET SDK is already released with support for latest updates (version is 1.2.6 ), the Typescript/Javascript sdk is also updated.

[Premise specific]

- added a new command line troubleshooting tool that checks the config data for invalid values.


- the usual assortment of bugfixes

- web signing app has a updated design.


Members of Cloud Signature Consortium

We're have become members of the Cloud Signature Consortium and we reinforce our support for the electronic signatures standard. Our aim is to make Bulksign fully compatible with this standard. This will be done by offering a API fully compatible with the standard (Q1 2018 is out timeline for this).


Platform Update 4 (codename Vivacia) is out

PU4 (codename Vivacia) is out now. This is the biggest update (scope wise ) that we released since introducing the Bulksign platform. We have implemented the most requested features required by clients and partners and worked hard to make Bulksign as easy as possible to integrate in different workflows. 

Here's are the most important new stuffs added in this version :

Allow saving a sent bundle to draft / template  : allows you to save a copy of a sent bundle back to draft.

- Added support for multiple languages for email templates : now you can select the between multiple languages for email notifications. For now german and romanian are supported alongside english. More will be added soon. Also the signing website language is synchronized with this (eg if you use the german email template, the signing website will also open with the German language selected).

- Added support for custom email templates : for the private/enterprise version , we offer now support for custom email templates (you can modify the email layout along with your company logo, colors etc) . Along with a visual editor.

- Added redirect support after finishing signing : this is for integration scenarios (for SAAS version this requires a premium license to be used). A custom url can be set and the user will be redirected to that url after the user is finishing the signing process.

- Added support for customizing the signing website : added support for customizing parts of the signing website (colors, buttons etc) with CSS.

- API  : add flag per bundle to allow disabling of sending email notifications  : using the API you can now disable ALL email notifications for a specific bundle. This is useful for some integration scenarios when the integrator wants to manage the notifications independent of Bulksign

- API :  DeleteTemplate : added support for deleting templates via the api.

- BUG : after doing a context action in document list (delete, send reminders etc etc), the filter selection will be kept. We're mentioning this here because it was mentioned multiple times. It's fixed now.