Sign, Send and Manage Electronic Documents

Launching Bulksign

The Bulksign team is happy to announce today the release of Bulksign , a electronic signature / digital transaction management platform whose aim is to provide anyone with a simple and efficient way to sign, manage and send documents for other people to sign. Here are some of the features :

- support for 2 different workflows for signing documents : sequential and bulk.
Sequential mode means multiple signers sign the same document in a predefined order while bulk means multiple signers sign copies of the same document.

- support for bundles : grouping multiple pdf documents into a single "entity" (called bundle) that is sent for signing.

- support for templates and the ability to share templates among multiple members of the same organization.

- forever free account. This allows anyone to send 3 bundles per month.

- set official signature that is used afterwards to sign all your documents.

- automatic conversion of MS Office documents to pdf.

- import files directly from cloud storage providers : Dropbox and Box.

- comprehensible API (support for both SOAP and REST)