Sign, Send and Manage Electronic Documents

Bulksign 3.0 is now out

The OnPremise version of Bulksign was the main focus for this release. We have lots of improvments and tweaks specifically for that version. Also is freely available for download and evaluation.

Here is the changelog with new features :

- added support for text annotations (UI and API)

- added provider model to load the signing certificate. We ship with 2 providers , which allow the certificate to be loaded from filesystems or Windows Certificate Store.

- singing app shows the document pages aligned the same way as in signing mode.

- added new global settings to allow specifying the HTTP request timeouts (setting name is HttpRequestCommandTimeout)

- added new option that allows disabling the browser geolocation request.

- added option to import and export customizations for the signing app.

- allow checkbox and radio button groups to be marked as required.

- added option to configure email sender appereance from configuration.

- added option to always ask user for confirmation when clicking the signature field.

- added option to allow/disallow access to signed document after it was finished.

- added possibility to remove a recipient from a sent bundle (API usecase, UI support already implemented).

OnPremise specific updates

- new, simpler installer based on Powershell.

- added support for multitenancy, you can now create multiple organizations in Bulksign

- added option to overwrite text translations for any language

- added possibility to configure support for any language, not limited to built-in languages anymore.

- if UI customization is enabled, that customization will be used in both dashboard and signing application.

- added full support for importing or synchronizing users from Active Directory with LDAP.


The versioning scheme is also tweaked, this is released as version 3.0 and we will continue from here.


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