Sign, Send and Manage Electronic Documents

Version 3.2 is out

Release notes for 3.2 :

- we have added the possibility for integrators to send custom data with SendBundle and retrieve it with GetBundleDetails. The new api field that enabled this is called "Metadata".  If you are using our .NET SDK for integration please make sure you update to version 1.5

-  for easier integration purposes we have added the posibility (for on premise version) to ignore certificate errors for HTTPS connections. This can be enabled for each HTTP callback setting like this :

    "BundleStatusChangedNotificationType.HttpBundleStatusNotification.IgnoreHttpsCertificateError": "true"

-  new api that allows adding a new user with full account details. The api is called AddUserToOrganization

- added the possibility to replace recipients in sent bundles.  

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